Friday, December 8, 2017

Configuration Manager 1710 available globally

Three weeks ago ConfigMgr 1710 was released for fast ring devices only.
Now for the slow ring devices the wait is over. Today (8th December 2017) Microsoft has released ConfigMgr 1710 servicing update to all the global devices.

To see the update, go to \Administration\Overview\Updates and Servicing in your console and you would be able to see Configuration Manager 1710 in Ready to Install state.

If Configuration Manager 1710 is not present under \Administration\Overview\Updates and Servicing then run Check for updates manually and monitor dmpuploader.log

Happy servicing... :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Windows 10 1709 (Fall Creators Update)

Hey Guy's
Today Microsoft has released Windows 10 1709 (Fall Creators Update) worldwide. Soon the update will appear in our consoles and in VL center.
If you have synced your WSUS this morning then you can see 1709 feature update in your console.

If you are downloading ISO, then it is different than previous versions of windows 10 ISO's. With 1709 release, Windows 10 Pro (volume licensing version), Windows 10 Enterprise, and Windows 10 Education, all three will be bundled together. So when you use the media with your task sequence make sure to use the correct index number. Otherwise you will end up with incorrect type of Windows 10 Edition.

Changes to media:
- Unlike previous versions, few versions bundled together
- Changes to WSUS package as well

What’s new:
- Windows AutoPilot deployment
- Subscription based activation for Windows 10 Enterprise
- Windows Update for Business (WUfB) with additional controls
- Introduction to Mixed Reality Apps
- More changes to windows defender
- improved Analytics for Windows

Changes to ADK:
With the release of Windows 10 1709, Windows ADK for Windows 10, Version 1709 now available.
Hope unlike the previous version of ADK, this is a bug free release…..
The new ADK is available here

So folks happy servicing……

Friday, October 13, 2017

OnSearchComplete - Failed to end search job. Error = 0x8024401c

Recently I have noticed that the update scan started failing  on all the Windows 10 1607 devices with; 
OnSearchComplete - Failed to end search job. Error = 0x8024401c.
Scan failed with error = 0x8024401c

At the same time SUP's CPU usage went as high as 99%, soon after deploying a servicing update to Windows 10 1607 devices. The server (SUP) became unresponsive, however as soon as I shut down the 1607 client machine the CPU usage on the server was dropped.
According to the Microsoft the issue was caused by large metadata of Windows 10 1607 updates. 

To resolve this issue, Microsoft has released hotfixe's for various server platforms as below;
KB4039396 for Windows Server 2016
KB4041693 for Windows Server 2012 R2
KB4041690 for Windows Server 2012

This hotfix will fix the update metadata processing  and should be applied to all WSUS servers in your environment.

Once the hotfix is applied, the client devices should complete the scan process successfully.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Step by Step SCCM 1706 Upgrade Guide

Two days ago Microsoft has released new branch update (1706) for System Center Configuration Manager.

1706 brings changes around deploy and managing Windows 10 and Office 365 along with reload boot images, boundary groups for software update points, Windows update reset tool, Improvements for SQL Server Always On Availability Groups and many more.
Full list of new feature read Microsoft release notes

Before proceeding with SCCM branch upgrade, it is very important to review SCCM Current Branch servicing (upgrade) checklist

Installing SCCM CB 1706 update:
If SCCM CB 1706 update is not available (if you are not in first wave of customers)in SCCM console and you want to install without waiting then you need to run FastRingScript_1706.exe

Downloading  SCCM CB 1706 update using FastRingScript_1706.exe:
1. Click on "Check for Updates" from \Administration\Overview\Updates and Servicing

2. If update is not available, then get FastRingScript_1706.exe from TechNet gallery
3. Extract the downloaded  EnableFastRing1706.exe
4. Launch PowerShell as Administrator
5. Run the script from elevated PowerShell window (ex: EnableFastRing1706_all.ps1 SCCB )
     Note: Just use server name without FQDN

6. You will get the command(s) completed successfully message;

7. Go to servicing node in SCCM console then click Check for updates;

8. Wait for 1-2 min then review the dmpdownloader.log file;

The log should have - Found a new available update;

Then downloading large file with bits

9. Refresh the Updates and servicing node in SCCM console, you can see the 1706 update in
     downloading state.

10. Wait until the 1706 update status changes from downloading to Available. It may take some time to complete the download. Once the download is completed, the status will change to 

Installing SCCM CB 1706 update:
1. Like any other previous updates, first run the Run Prerequisite check or run the Install update Pack

2. The installer will start the Configuration Manager Updates wizard. Click Next on the General tab;

3.  Select required features to be installed then click Next;

4.  Select required client update options then click Next;

 5. Review and confirm the selected options then click Next;

6. Close the completion window.

7. Now the 1706 update state will change from Ready to Install to Installing;

8. We can view the detailed progress of the update installation from \Monitoring\Overview\Updates 
      and Servicing Status\Configuration Manager 1706 node From the ribbon click on Show status
   We can also monitor the upgrade process hman.log file.

 9. Update Pack installation Status window open with task name and status;

10. It will take 20-30 min (based on the server performance) to complete the upgrade.
      Once the update is installed, Configuration Manager 1706 update status will be changed from    
       Available to Installed.

Console Upgrade:
After upgrading the site server to SCCM Current Branch 1706, If we re-launch or check the console version, we will get a popup message saying A new version of the console is available (5.00.8540.1300).
Click OK to upgrade the console and follow the on screen prompts to complete the upgrade process.

Once the update is installed the version number of SCCM will be;
         System Center Configuration Manager Version: 1706
         Console Version: 5.00.8540.1300
         Site Version: 5.0.8540.1000

Click here for complete SCCM 1511 Current Branch setup step by step guide.
Click here for complete SCCM 1511 Current Branch step by step guide, step by step migration guide, step by step monitoring and health check guide and step by step SCCM Current Branch servicing guide.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

MP has discarded a report when processing Relay

You may see below error message for SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER  in component status node under monitoring after upgrading SCCM Current Branch to 1702

MP has discarded a report when processing Relay.
Possible cause: Corruption or invalid user definition.
Solution: Check the logs to identify the cause. If the problem is persistent raise the issue with Microsoft support

Background history:
SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER reporting MP has discarded a report when processing Relay error after upgrading SCCM CB to 1702.
All the MP's are reporting similar error since the SCCM branch upgrade.

<InstallDIr>\SMS\MP\OUTBOXES\\bad folder contains thousands of badrelay XML files.

Reviewing MP_Retry.log file (Can be found  C:\Windows\ccm\logs on the server where MP is installed) shows;
instance of MpEvent_DiscardingInventoryReport
Mp Task: saved bad report as D:\SMS\mp\outboxes\\bad\badRelayZGERVQ7W.XML

The reason for this error is, this is the On Demand request as per MP_Location which causes the above error. These are generated for the Packages where On Demand distribution is enable.

To find out which packages configured with On Demand distribution is enabled, run the below query in SQL Management Studio, then look for  PKG_DISTRIBUTE_ON_DEMAND value is 1.

   (PkgFlags&0x40000000)/0x40000000 AS PKG_DISTRIBUTE_ON_DEMAND 
  dbo.v_Package pkg

Once you have identified and removed the on demand distribution, the error will stop and you can see the number of logs in bad folder gradually go away. It will take few days before the folder gets empty.