Sunday, December 20, 2015

Unable to find a partition on the system disk that can be set as active

Unable to find a partition on the system disk that can be set as active

Failed to prepare the system partition for staging. Element not found. (Error: 80070490)
Failed to stage WinPE. Code(0x80070490)

ThreadToResolveAndExecuteTaskSequence failed. Code(0x80070490)

You may get above error when running SCCM OSD task sequence just after the welcome to the task sequence wizard screen.
If we just look SMSTS.log from the beginning, we can see Searching for volume that can be set as the system volume
Volume A:\ is not on a fixed disk
Volume C:\ is not NTFS
Volume D:\ is not on a fixed disk
Volume X:\ is not a fixed disk

This part of the log indicates that volume C is not NTFS.
So the task sequence engine is looking for NTFS file system and it could not locate one, hence the error.
Now format the drive in NTFS file system as below;

Restart the machine and start the task sequence.
It should continue without any errors.


  1. Thanks Venu. I tried the steps but it still fails. what could be the issue.

  2. Hi Deepak,
    If you run diskpart, can you see the disk at all??

    What is the exact error are you seeing in smsts.log file?


  3. Thanks Venu, It is working perfectly fine.

    You saved my day!


  4. Thanks Venu Bhai, Your solution worked for me... You saved my time...


  5. This worked great! Thank you so much