Sunday, August 28, 2016

RecoverCrypto: File is encrypted, but no key was provided

Windows 10 1607 feature update will fail when deployed with SCCM Current Branch 1606.
The following error will be displayed in C:\$Windows.~BT\Sources\Panther\setupact.log
RecoverCrypto: File is encrypted, but no key was provided.
MOUPG  CDlpActionRecoverCrypto::DoCrypto(1713): Result = 0xC1800118
WUAHandler.log will show;
Upgrade installation result indicates that commit cannot be done. 
Installation job encountered some failures. Error = 0x80240022. Commit Result = 0x00000001.

We will receive above error even after installing KB3159706 with post installation steps.
I think the post installation steps are incomplete and not documented very well.

After installing the KB3159706, the SUP need to be uninstalled and re-installed.
This will fix the error File is encrypted, but no key was provided problem.

If remediating an existing environment, the best thing will be;
-          Uninstall WSUS
-          Delete SUP database
-          Remove WSUS folder
-          Uninstall SUP
-          Reboot the server
-          Delete the Update services folder from C:\Program Files
-          Install WSUS
-          Install KB3095113 (If not installed previously)
-          Install KB3159706 (If not installed previously)
-          Reboot the server
-          Install SUP
If installing on a new environment
-          Install WSUS
-          Install KB3095113
-          Install KB3159706
-          Reboot the server
-          Install SUP

Once the SUP is successfully installed, create a new servicing plan and deploy the feature update.
This time the update will install without File is encrypted, but no key was provided.


  1. Did you try to use Update your ConfigMgr 1606 SUP servers to deploy the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

  2. Yes, I have updated to 1606 then received above error.
    The only way to fix the issue was to cleanup the WSUS then re-install SUP.

    To validate the solution, I have built a new 1606 environment, installed 3159706 after SUP. Successfully replicated the 0x1800118 error, then resolved by following above process.

  3. We have been working on this problem for few days now.
    Finally this worked. I have upgraded 2 VM's to 1607. Need to do more testing on Monday.
    Thanks for the tip.

  4. I tried this and it did not work, even deleted the IIS site aswell. Thanks anyway.

  5. Thanks for article and hopefully we don't have to do this for every new release of current branch.

    Waited for few weeks now for alternative options but cannot wait anymore.
    Went ahead and re-installed 2 SUP's and this has fixed the 0x1800118 error.
    At least we can continue with our windows 10 1607 servicing testing.

  6. Thanks a lot for this. It's working fine now.
    But I still can't deploy the feature update on previously attempted clients.
    They are still stuck with the same error even if I:
    1. Clear cache files in CM client
    2. Celete $WINDOWS.~BT folder
    3. Delete Panther folder in c:\windows.
    4. Delete SoftwareDistribution in c:\windows

    Any ideas?

    1. I would get the right-click SCCM tools here and try forcing software update evaluation cycle and forcing a new machine policy on the aforementioned collection and see how you get on.