Friday, May 17, 2013

SCCM Client install package

To create a package, select Software Distribution -> Packages -> New -> Package.

New Package Wizard

Name: Type the name of the package. This field is a mandatory field and can’t be left blank.
Version: This is the version number of the package. This is optional.
Manufacturer: Optional.
Language: Optional.
Comment: Optional.
Once filling the above information click Next.
On the Data Source window select This package contains source files and point the source directory to the ConfigManager host name and the SMS_<Sitecode>\Client. So the source directory is \\WIN2K8\SMS_LAB\Client

Accept all the default values then click Next

On Data Access window, select Access the distribution folder through common ConfigMgr package share then click Next.
Accept the default settings on Distribution settings, click Next.

On the Reporting Window, accept all the default values, click Next,
On the Security Window, accept all the default values, click Next
This gets you to the end of the Package creation.

Click on Finish to Close the package creation wizard.
Next create a Program for SCCM Client package.
Expand newly created SCCMClient v1.0 package in SCCM Console.
Select Programs, then New then Program,
This will open New Program Wizard
Name: SCCMClient Install
Comments: Optional
Command line: ccmsetup.exe
Start in: Optional
Run: Normal
After running: No action required
Category: Optional
Accept the default values for Requirements,
Under Environment options, choose “Whether or not a user is logged ”, then click Next
On Advanced window select “Allow this program to be installed from the Install Software task sequence without being advertised”
Accept the default settings on “Windows Installer” window
Accept the default settings on “MOM Maintenance Mode” window
Click Next on the summary page
Close the New Program Wizard window.
Now, Distribute the source files of the package to all the Distribution points.

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