Friday, June 14, 2013

Copying multiple packages to a newly created Distribution point

When we add new Distributed Points to the existing SCCM infrastructure, we need to add all the existing application packages to the new DP.
The easiest way of adding all the packages to the new DP is - Using the Copy Packages Wizard in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007. The Copy Packages Wizard effectively create a copy of an existing distribution point by allowing you to select all the packages on that distribution point. Specifying a source distribution point is not required because by default Configuration Manager 2007 displays all available packages.
Important this is, The Copy Packages Wizard filters the source packages to copy based on the package type so that when this wizard is run from the Software Distribution node, only software packages are displayed. If you want to copy different package types to a new distribution point, run this wizard from the appropriate package-type node, such as Software Updates or Operating System Deployment.
Copy package wizard - Walk through
1.       In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Software Distribution / Packages
2.       Right click on the Packages node, then click Copy Package
3.       Click Next on welcome page
4.       Specify or Select the newly created Distribution Point. Be default, First Distribution point will be selected. Expand the drop down arrow to see full list of Distribution Points
5.       Select desired packages which need to be copied to new Distribution Point. We have options of select all, select none and select what required

6.       Click Next on Summary page
7.       Processing progress window will show as below

8.       Click Close on the confirmation window.
9.       By running “All status messages for a specific package on a specific distribution point” (Report ID # 129) and “All packages on a specific distribution point” (Report ID # 131) will give package details on a particular distribution point.

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