Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How to Create new Category folder in Config Manager 2012 reports

In SCCM 2012 all the reports are separated or grouped as categories like in SCCM 2007. Organising the custom reports is bit tricky in SCCM 2012.Whereas in SCCM 2007 you can right click on the Reports node then can create New Folder then you can rename the folder with a desired name. But in Config Manager 2012 we don’t have an option for right click and create a new folder. 
When you create a new custom report you have to assign to a new category, which means the reports will be scattered across all the categories. Umm,, I am not too keen to spread my custom reports across all the different categories, rather I want to create a category “Custom Reports” then add all the custom reports to this category. To create this custom category / or folder we have to use web interface to SSRS Report Manager.

So, first go to your reporting server web URL. The reporting server web URL will be http://SCCMServerName/Reports - If the reporting point is installed on the same server as Config manager, otherwise http://ReportingServerName/Reports

Once you got correct URL, the SSRS Report Manager (SQL Server Reporting Services) home page will look as below:
Select the folder which has your Config Manager site code. Once you open ConfigMgr_<SiteCode> folder, you can see all the reports categories.

Click on New Folder (as shown above), this will open a Create a new folder in ConfigMgr window.
Give a name to your folder. I will name it as 000 - Custom Reports. In this way it will always display on the top.
That’s it. We have added a new custom category to our reporting node in Config Manager 2012 console.
Now you can go back to the Config Manager 2012 console go to Monitoring > Reporting > Reports, then expand Reports node. The first category should be the 000 – Custom Reports.

When we create a new report, choose the report path to 000 – Custom Reports to add all the custom reorts to 000 – Custom Reports category (folder).