Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Task sequence error 0x8007000F

When using offline boot media, the Task Sequence Wizard will fail with error code 0x8007000F just before staging the WinPE.
The SMSTs.log  (X:\Windows\Temp\Smstslog\SMSTs.log) will show  the below error msg;
Failed to prepare the system partition for staging.
The system cannot find the drive specified. (Error: 8007000F; Source: Windows)
So the problem is WinPE cannot find the local drive of the machine to stage the media, even though the drive exists.
So the best way to resolve this issue is,
Launch command prompt from the WInpE by pressing F8,
then type Diskpart
On the Diskpart window select disk 0
then clean

Reboot the machine using Boot disk.
Now everything will work as expected.


  1. but how do you fix the root problem? is this only when booting from media?

  2. I have the same issue booting from Media on HP Compaq 6300 SFF. This solution did not work. The same media works for all the Dell models. Any help would be appreciated

  3. I have the same with Dell E7450. This solution did not work.

  4. When using diskpart, use the 'list disk' command and make sure you select correct one. e.g 'sel disk 0' (disk 0 is usually primary disk)
    after clean, also use
    Create primary partition 'cre par pri'
    'format fs = ntfs quick'

  5. What about in Hyper-V?