Friday, June 6, 2014


Most of the times it is a painful task to identify missing network drivers or storage drivers for boot image / WinPE. It is more challenging whenever our clients get new hardware and need to update the boot image with new drivers assigned to SCCM task sequence.
Luckily we can make the process of updating drivers of boot image easy by using Drvload utility.
Drvload tool is useful only to add drivers to online WindowsPE. Which means, after applying the drivers using drvload if we restart the machine the drivers will be discarded.

To use Drvload.exe;
1.       Copy the required driver files (.inf, cab and sysfiles) to a USB
2.       Attach the USB to the machine which we want to run the WinPE or task sequence
3.       Press F8 on the WindowsPE to open a command prompt
4.       Type X:\Windows\System32\drvload.exe <path to .inf>

If the drivers are correct that will install the drivers.
 Add these drivers to the boot image using SCCM console.


  1. Works great! Well written article, my friend!

  2. Thanks for this tip. Helped me solve the issue!

  3. Type X:\Windows\System32\drvload.exe .
    What will be path to USB Device?
    Please explain