Monday, August 25, 2014

Import SCCM 2007 OSD task sequence to SCCM 2012

When I have created my All-in-one task sequence, many people have requested for XML file so they can see how everything was created. However, soon after providing the xml file, I been told that they cannot import the task sequence because it was created in 2007. For many of them I have converted the xml and re-sent them.

Eventually I thought, maybe people out there who has a SCCM 2007 task sequence and want to use them to SCCM 2012 but having issues? Well that is why this simple and easy how to import SCCM 2007 task sequence to SCCM 2012 guide.

In SCCM 2012 object.xml holds the task sequence reference object information. We need to open object.xml file then copy the SCCM 2007 task sequence references then export object.xml file to the zip file.
Note: DO NOT extract the contents of the SCCM 2012 exported task sequence zip file. Once the ZIP file is extracted for some reason SCCM doesn’t detect and will show the specified file is not valid error. To avoid this problem only extract the object.xml file then once finish editing add back to the zip file.

Here are the simple and easy steps.
1.       First export an existing SCCM 2012 task sequence to a UNC path
Un-tick export all task sequence dependencies.
2.       Follow the onscreen prompts and finish the export task sequence wizard
3.       Copy your SCCM 2007 Task Sequence to the same location (for convenience)
4.       Right click on SCCM 2012 exported task sequence then click Open
Note: DO NOT extract the folder. Just open in archive explorer.
5.       Once the zip file is opened then go to SMS_TaskSequencePackage/<Task Sequence Package ID> folder
 6.       Select object.xml file then right click then choose Extract to specified folder. So here we are extracting only the object .xml file
7.       Now open the object.xml file with your favourite text editor then search for CDATA.
8.       The actual task sequence references starts after the CDATA
9.       Now open the SCCM 2007 task sequence xml file with your text editor
10.   Select the data from <sequence version="3.10">to </sequence>
11.   Copy the selected data from [<sequence version="3.10">to ]]> to</VALUE> then save the object.xml file
12.   Again open the .zip file in archive explorer, then go to SMS_TaskSequencePackage/<Task Sequence Package ID>
13.   Drag the modified object.xml file and drop on <Task Sequence Package ID>.
14.   Click Ok to update the file
15.   Go back to the SCCM console right click the Task Sequences then click Import Task Sequence
16.   Follow the import wizard onscreen prompts
17.   On “Verify that the file was imported and then specify actions” window you will get “There are no object for importing” boolean msg. To remove this message change the action from ignore duplicate to overwrite then click Next, then Next
18.   That’s it
We have imported SCCM 2007 OSD task sequence to SCCM 2012 Task sequence
19.   Open the task sequence in edit mode to view the settings.
First you will get a big list of “The objects referenced in the task sequence cannot be found msg”. Off course we have imported only the task sequence but not the associated packages, hence the MSG.
Click Ok on msg to open the task sequence.
20.   Here is the imported task sequence in edit mode


  1. Excellent article. I was searching for this on the tech net and found most of the articles mentioned No, you can not do.

    Followed your article and exported my good old 2007 task sequence to 2012.
    However, I has one issue. I could not point my MDT steps to new MDT packages. It won't detect the package at all and always shows the red error mark. To fix this, I have deleted the MDT step then re-added. I can live with it.

  2. not working showing invalid file while importing

  3. getting an error 'the specified file is not valid' when I'm doing the import part (item 16 of your step by step guide'