Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Change local admin password using sccm

It is certainly possible. This can be achieved by simply running commands.
However, before you change the local administrator password using SCCM, we should consider few important things;
- Security – It is not secure and the password is not encrypted
- Do not use download the program and run locally in deployment. Always choose to run from DP so  nothing will be stored in ccmcache folder
- Do not use command line commands in a program – as the commands can be traced in logs
- Use a simple batch file or vbscript to run the commands

In simplistic way,

- Create a batch file with following net user command
    @echo off
    net user Administrator newpassword

- Create a package using the batch file – I prefer using the package for this task instead of application because;
      - As we don’t have anything to add detection rule for application
      - We don’t want to run this deployment over and over
- Distribute to the distribution points
- Create a deployment and deploy to a collection
- Add resource then test it

That’s it! If everything is configured then the deployment will run and password will be changed.

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