Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Internet Explorer 11 rollback using SCCM

Well, if you have ADR enabled and deployed to production collections then you must have already deployed IE 11 to the machines.
Guess what happens next. People will be calling helpdesk saying we have IE 11 installed and our web applications not working. Then it is your job to go to rescue and rollback the Internet explorer 11. Unlike another update, it is bit different to uninstall IE 11 but easy. 
Create an application with using below command and deploy to the TEST collection.
FORFILES /P %WINDIR%\servicing\Packages /M Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-*11.*.mum /c "cmd /c echo Uninstalling package @fname && start /w pkgmgr /up:@fname /quiet /norestart /l:C:\Windows\temp\IE11_uninstall.txt"
   1. Create an application
        2. Choose Script Installer in deployment type
        3. Copy the command line in Installation Program box in deployment type
        4. On “Specify how this deployment type is detected window” select 
                    Setting type: File System
                    Type: File 
                   Path: %ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer 
                   File or folder name: iexplore.exe
Select the second radio button – The file System setting must satisfy the following rule to indicate the presence of this application 
          Property: Version
          Operator: Not Equal to 
           Value: 11.00.9600.17037
Note: This detection rule is very important. Based on above settings, if Internet Explorer 11 is not installed, this application won’t run. It will ONLY run when it detects the iexplore.exe file version is equal to 11.00.9600.17037.

5. Choose appropriate user experience settings
6. Then choose default values, click next, next then close
7. Deploy to the test collection then add the test machine to the collection
8. That’s it. IE 11 will be uninstalled when the machine gets the policy.


  1. This is an awesome post.
    Windows updates installed IE 11 on my organizations computers and I need to rollback,
    This article helped me create the package in no time.
    Thanks a ton.

  2. Thank you very much. Works amazingly well. I had tried the "wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2841134 /quiet /norestart" command with poor results. Buy yourself a coffee on me. lol

  3. Great post mate.
    I have to uninstall from machines for one of the business unit in my org.
    Used this guide and worked well.