Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Remote Connection to WinPE during SCCM OSD Task Sequence

Some or the other times, we need to help out the field guys / deployment engineers in a remote site with OS deployments.
And more often we feel like, troubleshoot our self rather asking them to run the commands. Well, here is an easy way of remote controlling an OS deployment task sequence session when running WinPE.
1.    Download winvnc binaries
2.    Launch winvnc.exe
         2.1    Display Query Window is unchecked
         2.2    Set a password
         2.3    Click OK to close the winvnc.exe
3.    Now there will be an additional file ultravnc.ini created
4.    Open the ultravnc.ini file then look for path then change to X:\Windows (This is the path where it will be running from)
5.    Create a package in SCCM without a program
6.    After “Restart in Windows PE” step create a new group called WinPE Remote
       6.1    Add a Run Command Line step and type wpeutil DisableFirewall
       6.2    Copy the VNC package to the WinPE  by adding Run Command Line Step
                      xcopy.exe ".\*.*" "%WinDir%\VNC" /E /C /Q /H /R /Y /I
                 Browse to the package and Select the VNC package which was created in step 5
       6.3    Add another Run Command Line step to launch the winvnc.exe
                     cmd.exe /c start %windir%\VNC\winvnc.exe
7.    Launch vncviewer.exe on the local computer and enter the IP address of the destination 
8.    Enter the password on the prompt
9.    That’s it. You have access to OSD image deployment screen

1.    We should know the IP Address of the destination computer
2.    Once the machine reboots, will lose the connection

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