Tuesday, December 30, 2014

SCCM report for citrix receiver versions

Following report provides all the installed versions of Citrix receiver and also removes;
             Citrix Receiver (HDX Flash Redirection);
             Citrix Receiver Updater;
             Citrix Receiver(DV);
             Citrix Receiver(SSON);
             Citrix Receiver Inside and Citrix Receiver(Aero).
This report limits to a particular collection. Change the collection ID as required.

                      sys.Netbios_Name0 AS [Machine name], sys.User_Name0 AS [User name],
arp.DisplayName0 AS [Application Name], arp.Version0 AS [Application version]
FROM  v_R_System AS sys INNER JOIN
             v_GS_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS AS arp ON sys.ResourceID = arp.ResourceID INNER JOIN  v_FullCollectionMembership AS fcm ON sys.ResourceID = fcm.ResourceID
WHERE     (arp.DisplayName0 LIKE '%Citrix receiver%') AND (fcm.CollectionID = 'LAB000132') AND (arp.DisplayName0 NOT LIKE '%Citrix Receiver (HDX Flash Redirection)%') AND
          (arp.DisplayName0 NOT LIKE '%Citrix Receiver Updater%') AND (arp.DisplayName0
NOT LIKE '%Citrix Receiver(DV)%') AND 

(arp.DisplayName0 NOT LIKE '%Citrix Receiver(SSON)%') AND (arp.DisplayName0
NOT LIKE '%Citrix Receiver(USB)%') AND (arp.DisplayName0 NOT LIKE '%Citrix Receiver Inside%') AND 

(arp.DisplayName0 NOT LIKE '%Citrix Receiver(Aero)%')
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