Monday, June 15, 2015

Publish Updates using SCUP

Publishing product updates using SCUP 2011 involves few additional steps.
Before start publishing any vendor updates first we need to import vendor catalogs then configure the updates and publish them.

1. Launch System Center updates publisher 2011, from Start menu -> All programs -> System Center Updates Publisher 2011 then click on System Center Updates Publisher 2011
2. Select Catalogs in SCUP console. This will open Add Partner Software Updates Catalogs wizard
2.1. Select desired vendor from the list on Select catalogs from the partner catalogs listed to add to My Catalogs window then click Add.
2.2 Selected vendor will be added to the SCUP catalog. Click OK when done
2.3 Selected vendor name will be visible under My Catalogs in SCUP console

3. Select the vendor name under My software updates catalogs, then right click then click on Import. This will start Import Software Updates Catalog Wizard
3.1 Import one or more catalogs from My Catalogs then select the required catalog on Select an import type window at Import Software Updates Catalog Wizard
3.2 Confirm the settings then click Next
3.3 The wizard will start importing the updates catalog
3.4 Click Close on the Import Software Updates Catalog Wizard completed successfully confirmation window

4. Now go to Updates node in SCUP console.
Under the Overview, there will be folder called Adobe Systems, INC and Adobe Reader under all software updates. Selecting Adobe Reader folder will display all available updates for this product

5. Select required updates then right click and click on Assign.
This will start Assign Software Updates wizard
5.1 Select the publication type for the selected software updates. Available options are Automatic, Full Content and Metadata only. Also select desired option to add the catalog to an existing publication or create a new publication then click OK

5.2 Newly created publication name now visible under Publications node on SCUP console

6. Right click on the newly created software update publication, then select Publish
6.1 This will start publish software updates wizard. Click next on Specify Publish options
6.2 Confirm the settings

6.3 Progress will show the publishing of selected updates
6.4 On the security warning for content validation, choose desired options whether Always accept content from the vendor or Ask me every time
 6.5 you will get a final confirmation after successfully publishing the software updates

7. Now go to Config Manager Console and sync WSUS, wait until the sync is complete
8. The newly created adobe reader updates should be available in SCCM console
Update: If SCUP updates not visible in SCCM Console, Please check this guide for troubleshooting

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