Wednesday, August 3, 2016

SCCM 1606 Step by Step Upgrade Guide

A week or so ago Microsoft has released Update1606 for System Center current branch.
The 1606 release notes can be found on Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security Blog

If SCCM 1606 update is not showing up in the console (most likely you are not in the release of first ring) and don’t want wait then get EnableUpdateRing.ps1 from Here

Launch PowerShell as administrator then run EnableUpdateRing.ps1 <Siteservername>
Note: Just use server name without FQDN.
You will get The command(s) completed successfully.

Now go to \Administration\Overview\Cloud Services\Updates and Servicing node in SCCM console, then run Check for updates.

After 10-15 min later, the console will show Configuration Manager 1606 and should be in downloading state;

The SMS_DMP_DOWNLOADER component will start downloading a large file and we can see download of a large file in dmpdownloader.log (<Install_DIR>\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs\);

Before upgrading the SCCM to 1606, the versions will be (1602);
          System Center Configuration Manager Version 1602
          Console Version: 5.0.8355.1306
          Site Version: 5.00.8355.1000

Once the download is completed, the console will show the state of Configuration Manager 1606 is Available

Now like any other previous updates, first run the Run Prerequisite check. Once the prerequisite check is passed then run Install Update Pack.
It will start the Configuration Manager updates wizard. Click next on the General tab

Select required features to be installed then click next;

Select required client update options then click next;

Accept the license terms then click next;

Review the selection options then click next;

Close the completion window. It will take 20-30 min (based on the server performance) to complete the update.

If we re-launch or check the console version, we will get a popup message saying A new version of the console is available (5.00.8412.100).
Click OK to upgrade the console.

Once the update is installed the version number of SCCM will be;
         System Center Configuration Manager Version 1606
         Console Version: 5.0.8412.1003
         Site Version: 5.0.8412.100

That’s It.
We have completed upgrading System Center Current Branch 1602 to System Center Current Branch 1606.

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  1. Any idea if there is an SCEP agent update as part of 1606 or is it just the CM client update?

  2. Hi Venu, Nice article. Thanks for the same.
    Download link is broken for EnableUpdateRing.ps1