Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Content library cleanup tool ContentLibraryCleanup.exe - SCCM CB1702

With the release of SCCM current branch update 1702, Microsoft has introduced new command line tool (ContentLibraryCleanup.exe) to remove content that is no-longer associated with any package or application from a distribution point.

ContentLibraryCleanup tool will not modify or delete the content on the source location.

Limitation of the tool;
- Content cannot be removed where content failed to distribute or in progress state
- If the DP shared with site server then the package deletion is disabled
- Can use one DP at a time  

ContentLibraryCleanup.exe tool can be located in the %CM_Installation_dir%\cd.latest\SMSSETUP\TOOLS\ContentLibraryCleanup\ folder on the primary site server.
Make sure the account has full administrative access to the SCCM hierarchy.

Launch a command prompt as administrator and run the tool from the command prompt followed by /dp <FQDN of the DP>. This will run in what-if mode.

Click OK when prompted to proceed;

The tool will run the analizer and display the progress on the command window;

Once the analyzing completed, the log file will be stored on the temp folder under user profile.

After reviewing the log file and when ready to delete the content from the distribution point run the tool using the /delete switch.

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