Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Scan State failed - Invalid Store path error code: 0x0000001B

I  was creating a new Task Seqence few hours ago, then suddenly I have received Scan state failed with error code 0x0000001B.
I am trying ti capture the user state using USMT 4 to a network share. So I have created a network share and mapped the drive before copying the data to the share. As soon as the USMT gets to the scanstate throwing this below error.

I have reviewed the scanstate log and it says invalid store path; check the store parameter and/or file system permissions.

I am sure that the system got correct permissions to write to the share. So it is not the permissions issue.
My network share path \\Servername\E$\USMT.
My Scanstate command is: scanstate.exe \\Win2k8\E$\USMT  /i: miguser.xml /i:migapp.xml /v:5 /l:C:\windows\TEMP\SMSTSLog\scanstate.log. I dint gave any commends to continue on non-fatal errors.
So started looking mainly into the store path and found an interesting article. Apparently, ScanState expects that OSDStorePath be simply a path to a top level directory of the network share. Ummh…
Then I changed the share path to \\Servername\E$ then tested.
Guess what it works without any errors.

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  1. I had similar problem, when running scan state in offline mode. Changed the store path as mentioned above resolved the issue. Addition to the changing the path, I gave everyone read write permissions on the share.