Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Adobe Acrobat XI silent install

Other day I was working on Adobe Acrobat XI package,  I thought it will be an easy win to install.

I have used the Adobe custom tool to create MST then prepared SCCM package. Then the fun part started. I wanted to test the silent switch before deploying through SCCM. I have tried /quiet /qn and /qb! Switches and none of them are worked.
So wanted to see what is actually happening, so I have tried running manually. When I ran manually, I have received a warning message about VC++ component is not installed on the system. I ignored the msg by clicking cancel tab. So the msg was the culprint which is stopping the silent install. I looked into the custom tool for an option to disable the VC++ check but could not find any.

Eventually find a switch from adobe forums.
The complete uninstall switch to install adobe acrobat XI is

msiexec /i  "path_to_msi\AcroPro.msi" TRANSFORMS="Path_to_mst\AcroPro.mst" IGNOREVC10RT=1 /qb!


  1. Great post and much appreciated. Do you happen to know if there is a way to install acrobat XI and have a previous version of acrobat removed during deployment? Currently have pc's with Acrobat 9 Standard and need to have that removed as part of the package.

  2. If you used the Customization Wizard, then it should assemble everything in the MST for you already and fix the setup.ini file for you to use that MST automatically. The setup.exe will also check for VC++ automatically and use the one in the installer if it doesn't find it.

    the setup.ini file has the CmdLine options for you in it's StartUp section. Just put those switches after the setup.exe, for instance:
    setup.exe /sl"1033" /sall /rs

    It does everything else automatically according to how you set things in the customization wizard.

    (Also posting this here as it's a top google result)

  3. Ryan,
    Thank you for your input.

  4. This worked for me when nothing and I mean nothing else did. Thank you so much!