Thursday, March 28, 2013

SCCM OSD Task Sequence failed with error code (0x80000FFFF)

When deploying an Operating System using SCCM 2007 OSD Task Sequence, sometime the Task Sequence will fail with 0x80000FFFF error code when it reached  “Format and Partition Disk” action.

The reason for this is; In the Task Sequence on the format and partition action if you have a fixed drive specified and the total size of the drive is less than the actual partition size then you will get this error.
I have a VM in the lab, which has 40GB of total HDD size. However, my Task Sequence has two drives specified, with C drive is 60 GB and D drive is 100 % of remaining space.
The TS will give 0x80000FFFF error as soon as it reaches the Format and Partition Disk action, as we do not meet the size requirements.
To resolve this issue,
1.       Increase the total HDD size if it is a VM or
2.       Change the drive partition sizes and make sure the partition size is less than the total size.
The above solutions will fix the issue and will let the build to continue.

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