Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Uninstalling and Re-Installing SCCM 2007 Client

When you have few hundred machines with no client or with broken client it is hard to re-mediate them manually visiting each and every machine. It is worst when the client push from the console not doing anything. In this scenario SCCM right click tool and ccmclean.exe comes to the rescue.

Considering admin share is configured, WMI is healthy, SCCM Right client tool installed on your machine and you have ccmclen.exe file downloaded, and we can install SCCM Client on no client machines or machines with the broken client.
Step 1: create a collection and add all the machines with no client and broken client machines to this collection.

Step 2: Next ping the collection using the right click tool ping command. It will produce two lists one is Successful and second one is Failed.
Step 3: Create a sub collection for No Client but online machines. Add all the successful ping machines to this collection in one go using right click tool.

Step 4: Now, go to the each and every machine on the sub collection and right click on the machines individually then click on Client Tools, then choose Remove ConfigMgr option. In few seconds it will show a successfully initiated pop-up message. We can open the log file on C:\Windows\System32\ccmsetup\ccmserup.log file for the progress of the un-installation. The uninstallation will take less than a minute.
Step 5: Once the uninstall is complete, right click on the machine then click on Client Tools then choose Install SCCM Client. It will take some time based on the network speed and computer performance. Again we can check the C:\Windows\System32\ccmsetup\ccmserup.log for the installation status.

Step 6: once the installation is successful, update the memberships then refresh. Wait for 20-30 min to console to update the status from no client to client installed.

Uninstall using ccmcleanup.exe:
If the Right click tool fails to un-install a broken client then we need to use ccmclean to do the job.

Step 1: Get the ccmclean.exe and psexec.exe and copy them to the computer we will send the uninstall command from
Step 2: Launch the command prompt with administrator rights, then browse to the location where psexec.exe then run the ccmclean.exe as below.

That’s it. This will remove the client. Once the client is uninstalled, re-install the SCCM Client following the above method.

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