Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to pause SCCM task sequence

For many reasons we want to stop / pause the task sequence for some time and resume on its own.
Task sequence pause is useful when scanning and installing updates, waiting for some installation to complete or want to pause the Task Sequence for some trouble shooting reason.

We can pause the task sequence in so many ways i.e., using VB scripts and batch files. For that we need to create scripts then add them to a package or MDT scripts folder then execute from there.
But the easiest way is by adding following command;
Powershell.exe “Start-Sleep –s -60”

Add a Run Command line step on your Task Sequence, then add above command.
Make sure you will select Disable 64-bit file system redirection on the Run Command line windows as below;
The time is in seconds. We can change it as we needed.
One thing to note is; this will not work on XP machines without installing PowerShell first.
Refer to the below article for PowerShell installation on XP machines;

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