Monday, July 1, 2013

Client Push installation in SCCM 2012 - Check list

When we install SCCM 2012 client using Client Push Installation method, the installation may fail due to various reasons.
Sometimes, the error MSG in ccm.log shows similar to the one below;

---> Attempting to connect to administrative share '\\WIN7X86VM2.SCCM2012.LAB\admin$' using account 'SCCM2012\SCCMAdmin'
---> WNetAddConnection2 failed (LOGON32_LOGON_NEW_CREDENTIALS) using account SCCM2012\SCCMAdmin (00000035)
---> The device WIN7X86VM2 does not exist on the network. Giving up
---> Trying each entry in the SMS Client Remote Installation account list
---> Attempting to connect to administrative share '\\\admin$' using account 'SCCM2012\SCCMAdmin'
---> ERROR: Unable to access target machine for request: "2097152002", machine name: "WIN7X86VM2",  access denied or invalid network path.

ccm.log can be found at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs\ccm.log on your site server.
What above error MSG saying is SCCM server could not find the target machine WIN7x86VM2. 
To resolve this issue normally i will check 3 things;

  1. DNS issues and name resolution
  2. Firewall and 
  3. Administrative share access for the client push install account

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