Sunday, February 14, 2016

SCCM content migration step by step guide

During creating migration jobs we will have option to create a shared distribution point, which will provide content access to the clients during the migration. If required, we can use migration to upgrade or re-assign distribution points from the source hierarchy to become distribution points in the destination hierarchy. When we share, upgrade or re-assign distribution points, it can help us avoid having to redeploy content to new servers in the destination hierarchy for the clients that we migrate.

We can use the existing distribution points by;
Sharing the distribution points in source and destination hierarchy:
During migration, we can share distribution points from a source hierarchy with the destination hierarchy. When clients in the destination hierarchy request content that is deployed to distribution points that we have shared, the shared distribution points can be offered to the clients as valid content locations.
Before creating a shared distribution point;
- Review the pre-requisites and eligibility
- Share distribution point action is a site-wide setting that shares all qualifying distribution points at a source site and at any direct child secondary sites
- Keep the package version same on source and destination hierarchies
- Use Configuration Manager console to upgrade and re-assign process

Reassign distribution points from a source hierarchy to a site in the destination hierarchy:
We can use re-assign distribution points when migrating to same version of hierarchy. Reassign distribution points process removes the distribution point from the source hierarchy and adds it to the destination hierarchy.
Before planning reassign a distribution point, check whether the source distribution point is eligible for reassign distribution point or not.
Once the content is migrated to the new hierarchy, the site will become the owner for that content.

As we are performing side by side migration, we will not be using shared distribution point or reassign distribution point options. Also I don’t have DFS in my lab, so we will create a new DML share in the new hierarchy.

Distribution point side by side migration:
- Create a new DML on the destination hierarchy
    It is a good time if we want to clean-up any old packages from source hierarchy
- At this stage, the source has been updated on the destination DML. However, all the SCCM application and package content source path still points to the old SCCM DML. We need to update the source location path on the objects
- There are various scripts already available on the community to update the source path on application and packages. So identify a script which fulfils the purpose then test them before using it to update the objects.
- Once the update is complete, validate it then update the content on all the distribution points.

That’s pretty much it. Now the source DML has been migrated to a new location and all the objects been updated.

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  1. Could I use DP sharing as a mechanism to migrate content data such as OS images, driver packages, packages, Windows update packages, etc to a destination hierarchy? If I'm not mistaken I could let the content sync between the two DP's, then re-assign the DP to the destination hierarchy and then finally when ready remove the original destination hierarchy. How would that affect the migration job for the particular item such as driver packages? Obviously I would need to re-assign content / data source for the items.

  2. Hi venu
    I'm migrating from 2012r2 to current branch and don't fully understand the dp reassignment part. I am going from server 2008r2 to server 2016 .. Can I leave the current DP's on 2008r2 and just share then reassign to CB? Or do I have to upgrade to new hardware just recreate the DP's and manually redistribute the content