Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Step: 1.2: Model validation

Supported Model group is the second step in our All in one task Sequence.
Supported Model group will be initiated if;
  -          Win7Supported task sequence is TRUE
  -          UserCancelled equals FALSE
  -          SMSTSMedia type notequals OEMMedia

Restart Computer will be initiated, Once all above conditions are met and the task sequence will restart the target machine into “The boot image assigned to the task sequence”. 
Until this stage all the actions will be performed in full OS.

Disable Firewall step is useful if we want to remote control the machine when running the task sequence in WinPE mode. Create a Run Command Line step and add  
wpeutil DisableFirewall in command line box

Create a remote tool package (I have chosen to use Uvnc) using the source files and configure as needed. How to crate Uvnc package is not discussed here and it is out of scope.

Copy VNC to WinPE step to add the content of the Uvnc package to WinPE. Create a Run Command Line step then add xcopy ".\*.*" "%WinDir%" /E /C /Q /H /R /Y /I command to command line.