Saturday, May 23, 2015

Microsoft intunes Verification DNS record not found

I was in the process of setting up intunes in my lab environment and got stuck with Verification DNS record not found error for over 6 hours.
 I did bit of research on the error but didn’t found any useful information apart from knowing the some of the DNS hosting companies may block or not allow using @ naming.
Initially waited for few hours for DNS propagation. In my experience I know that it won’t take more than 10 min. However I have waited for few hours then tested with no much luck. Did a quick test using DNS query and didn’t find any valid TXT records.
As part of testing, I left the TXT record in format ( as mentioned by Microsoft and also added with the value.
Waited for 10 min then ran DNS query on the domain. This time I have reply from the DNS query, then I went to Microsoft intunes admin portal then click on domain verification link. This time it worked and domain got verified.

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