Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How to Sync On-premise AD with Windows Azure AD using Azure AD Sync tool

If you ever want to Sync on premises Active Directory with Windows Azure Active Directory using Windows Azure Active Directroy Sync Tool, follow the below steps;

1. Launch Active directly sync tool as Administrator from Desktop Shortcut
2. Click Next on the welcome screen

3. Enter your Intune ID and password on Windows Azure Active Directory Credentials window

4. On Active Directory Credentials window, enter your on premises AD username and password. NOTE: This account should have administrative access to your organizations AD directory services

5. Click Next on Hybrid Deployment window

6. Select desired settings on Password Synchronization settings then click next

7. The configuration progress window will show up

8. Click Next when the configuration is complete

9. Select Synchronize your directories (default) now on the Finished window

10. Once the Synchronization of the directories complete, you will be provided new window with log
    file location to verify the directory synchronization

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