Saturday, February 6, 2016

SCCM Migration - Source hierarchy step by step guide

Before we configure a migration job in System Center Configuration Manager, we must configure a source hierarchy and gather data from at least one source site in that hierarchy.

Source hierarchies:
The source hierarchy is a site where we want to migrate the data from (Old environment). When we perform migration we need to specify the top level site (CAS or Primary) as a source hierarchy.

Few key things about source hierarchy;
-  We can configure only one source hierarchy at a time
-  We Can run one migration job at any given time
-  When configure a new source hierarchy, the new hierarchy automatically becomes the current source hierarchy replacing the previous source hierarchy
-  We must specify the top-level site of the source hierarchy specify credentials for Configuration Manager to use to connect to the SMS Provider and site database of that source site
- The provided credentials will be used by Configuration Manager to run data gathering to retrieve information about the objects and distribution points from the source site
- Child sites will be identified as part of the data gathering
- Change of source hierarchy will lead to cancelling of all the existing jobs (active, scheduled, pending)

Data gathering:
- Data gathering will start as soon as we apply the settings to the source hierarchy
- Data gathering process will repeat periodically (4 hours) so any changes will be monitored
- Initial Data gathering will review all the objects in the hierarchy, will take time. The subsequent gathering process is a quick process
- Every time when we stop data gathering, we must re-configure the credentials

Setting up a source hierarchy in SCCM:
Open SCCM console on the destination hierarchy (SCCB 1511), then go to Administration/ Migration;

 Expand the Migration node and click on Source hierarchy then choose Specify Source Hierarchy;

On specify source hierarchy,
Enter existing top level site server (CAS or Primary) of the source hierarchy server details on Specify the top-level configuration manager primary site to migrate to this hierarchy
Enter source site access account and source database access account. This account needs SCCM admin access.
We can test the access rights by using verify option;

As soon as we click on OK, the data gathering will start the gathering process. 
Click on Close, Once the data gathering is completed.

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