Sunday, September 4, 2016

Software updates ADR only for x64 updates or for x86 updates

This article will help in creating Automatic Deployment Rule to deploy ONLY Windows 10 x64 updates. 
Normally we can use in-built property filters to filter out non-English, Severity based, Superseded updates. We can also use Required option to choose if an update is required more than x devices then add to the ADR.
When we use filter property for Language - English, Product - Windows 10 or Windows 10 LTSB Severity - Critical OR Important, Superseded - No, I will get below number of updates;

I want to keep the updates only for x64 platform and remove for x86. To achieve this, we don’t have any inbuilt filter. So to get updates for only x64 platform simply select Title property filter then add x64. This will filter out all the update which doesn’t have x64 in the title of the update.

The new update list will look as below;

To get the updates only for x86 updates, select Title property filter then add -x64. This will remove all the updates which has x64 in the update title and will keep the updates which doesn’t have x64.

The new update list will provide only x86 updates as below;

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