Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Step by Step SCCM 1902 Upgrade Guide

Microsoft has released new branch update (1902) for System Center Configuration Manager.

ConfigMgr Current Branch 1902 provides enhanced features like client health dashboard, enhanced HTTP, SQL pending restart check as setup prerequisite, improvements to cloud services, improvements to real time management, Distribution point maintenance mode, added features to client management, improvements to OSD, improvements to Software center, new features to SCCM console etc..
For complete list of features visit Enterprise Mobility and Security blog.

Before proceeding with SCCM branch upgrade, it is very important to review SCCM Current Branch servicing (upgrade) checklist

This step by step SCCM 1902 upgrade guide will guide you through  upgrading SCCM Current branch from all supported previous versions to SCCM Current Branch 1902.

Downloading the update:
1. Go to \Administration\Overview\Updates and Servicing node in SCCM console then click Check for updates on the ribbon;

2. Review the dmpdownloader.log file

3. Refresh the Updates and servicing node in SCCM console, you can see the 1902 update in
      downloading state.
 The dmpdownloader.log on the site server will show package download status

4. Wait until the 1902 update status changes from Downloading to Ready to Install in the console
If you are installing the update after Microsoft released the update as an in-console update, then it will be already in Ready to Install state.

Installing SCCM CB 1902 update:
1. Like any other previous updates, first run the Run Prerequisite check or run the Install update Pack directly;

2. The status will change from Ready to Install to Checking prerequisites

3. Once the prerequisite check is completed, Right click on the update pack (Configuration Manager 1902) then select Install Update Pack;

4. The installer will start the Configuration Manager Updates wizard. Click Next on the General tab;

5. Select required features to be installed then click Next;

6. Select required client update options then click Next;

7. Accept the license terms then click Next;

8. Review and confirm the selected options then click Next;

9. Close the completion window;

10. Now the 1902 update state will change from Ready to Install to Installing;
11. We can view the detailed progress of the update installation from \Monitoring\Overview\Updates
    and Servicing Status\Configuration Manager 1902 node From the ribbon click on Show status.

The update status also can be checked by reviewing hman.log

12. Once the update is installed, Configuration Manager 1902 update status will be changed from Available to Installed.

Console Upgrade:
1. After upgrading the site server to SCCM Current Branch 1902, If we re-launch or check the console version, we will get a popup message saying A new version of the console is available (5.1902.1085.1700).

2. When prompted, Click OK to upgrade the console and follow on screen prompts to complete the upgrade process.

3. The installation of the new console will automatically start and will complete without any input.

4. Once the update is installed the version number of SCCM will be;
          System Center Configuration Manager Version: 1902
          Console Version: 5.1902.1085.1700
          Site Version: 5.0.8790.1000

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