Wednesday, March 30, 2016

SCCM Current Branch servicing (upgrade) checklist

As new in-console upgrades are being released, it is time for all SCCM admins to follow the current branch life cycle and upgrade to the latest SCCM current branch versions.

I have recently upgraded my lab to the latest branch and prepared a checklist for myself to share it with everyone. Hope this guide will help someone out there in preparing their SCCM hierarchy upgrade to latest version.

Preparing the upgrade:
- Review the current environment health by visiting Site status node and Component Status node in SCCM console
- Make sure you have a latest and healthy site server and site database backup copy
- Review the release notes for the upgrade and make sure current hierarchy meets the requirements (Site server and site system servers)
- Hardware
- OS
- Site database server SQL version and CU levels
- Review ADK version
- Set SQL Server AlwaysOn availability groups to manual failover
- Backup configuration.mof file
- Disable site maintenance tasks until the upgrade is completed successfully
- In a multi-site environment, disable database replicas
- Test the database upgrade (TestDBUpgrade) on a different server with same SQL version
- Remove any active migration source hierarchy under \Administration\Overview\Migration\Source Hierarchy.

- Before starting the installation restart the site server and site database server
- Install ADK then restart the server
- Run the upgrade

Post-upgrade review:
- Review the health of the hierarchy by visiting Site status node and Component Status node in SCCM console
- Review the ADK version and boot images
- upgrade all the SCCM consoles
- Check the custom configuration.mof file if required restore from the backup copy
- Enable the site maintenance tasks
- Enable the database replicas
- Upgrade all the offline media
- Update non-default boot media to the current ADK winPE

- Check the health of the site status and component status
- Test the client package deployment and upgrade
- Test the software distribution to the client devices after the client upgrade to hierarchy version

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