Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Step: 1.7: Domain join configuration

Add a new group and rename the new group to Domain Configuration
Domain Configuration group will be initiated only when following conditions are met;
Add a Join Domain or Workgroup step, and then select join a domain
For the domain and organizational unit, we can use the browse button to browse for domain then the OU.
In my lab I don’t have any OU’s created so I am using the default computer container on the domain.
Once we select the domain and OU, we need to add an account with at least domain join privileges.

If you have multiple OU’s in an organisation and if you want to add the machines based on the OU then you need to create separate Join domain steps for each OU then add condition using Task sequence variable, use the custom task sequence variable we have generated using OSD++. For OSD++ and custom task sequence variables please refer to this article.

After completing a simple join domain step, it looks as below;

 Click here for complete list of tasks for SCCM OSD All in one task sequence.
Click here for SCCM OSD All in one task sequence Visio diagram.

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