Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Step: 1.8: Deploy Software

Create a new group as same level as Domain Configuration group and call it Deploy Software.
Deploy Software group will be initiated when following conditions are met;
Under Deploy software group, we can add multiple sub-groups and these sub groups can be separated based on the application categories or business units or geographical locations or any other criteria based on the requirements.
We can use OSD++ to deploy applications based on above mentioned requirements chosen by technician in the beginning of the build. For further instructions on OSD++ and build options please refer to this article.

I want to add Driver apps and application Tier’s under Deploy software group as below;

Driver / hardware Applications:
Typically I will add the software packages which are related to the hardware related software. As an example Bluetooth, Finger print reader software and Touchpad software etc…
Add the software package to the Driver / hardware group then add condition using WMI query for the model you want to apply.
Tier – 1:
I normally add applications which get updated frequently.
Like Flash, Java and Adobe reader etc. will go here.
Tier – 2:
All other / business applications will go here.
Apps Re-Configuration:
On this group, we can add any applications need to be configured for specific reason. For example, if you have added Office in your base build and you don’t want to deploy to some of the users, then you can add uninstall step here. This step is mainly for specific requirements.

Click here for complete list of tasks for SCCM OSD All in one task sequence.
Click here for SCCM OSD All in one task sequence Visio diagram.

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