Sunday, December 13, 2015

SCCM 1511 Current Branch step by step setup guide

Hello and Welcome to System center Configuration Manager Current Branch step by step setup guide.
This page outlines and lists all the relevant steps involved setting up a new SCCB environment, migrating from old SCCM environment to new environment and applying ongoing current branch updates (servicing).

Please note, this guide prepared in a controlled lab environment and not for production implementation.
When you refer to any of these articles for a production use, please consider the security and review all your options.

If you notice any errors in the provided guides, please leave a comment with relevant reference links so I can update as needed.

Hope these guides will help you in some or other way in learning SCCM.


1. Installation of SCCM 1511 (Current Branch)
Installing Primary Site Server
Installing Management Point
Installing Software Update Point
Installing Reporting Services Point
Installing Fallback Status Point
Installing Distribution Point
         Installing Endpoint Protection Point

2. Install Additional components
Installing MDT and Console integration
Installing console extensions

3. Perform side-by-side migration
Migration Overview and terminology
Planning and Setting up source hierarchy
Planning and Setting up Migration jobs
Planning and performing Client site assignment
Planning and performing content migration
Post Migration activates
         Complete migration step by step guide

4. Automate the tasks
Maintenance tasks - Daily
Maintenance tasks - weekly
Maintenance tasks - monthly

5. Current Branch - Updates
         Upgrade from SCCM 1511 to SCCM 1602
         Update rollup (KBKB3155482) for SCCM 1602
         Upgrade  from SCCM 1511/1602 to 1606
         Upgrade  from SCCM 1511/1602/1606 to 1610
         Upgrade  from SCCM 1606/1610 to 1702
         Upgrade  from SCCM 1702 to 1706
         Upgrade  from SCCM 1702/1706/1710 to 1802
         Upgrade from SCCM 1802 to 1806

6. Site Recovery using database backup
         Recover SCCM Site using database backup

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  1. Hi Venu,
    Excellent 1511 set up guide. I have completed my lab following your guide.
    I am eagerly waiting to to see the automates tasks.