Saturday, July 8, 2017

MP has discarded a report when processing Relay

You may see below error message for SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER  in component status node under monitoring after upgrading SCCM Current Branch to 1702

MP has discarded a report when processing Relay.
Possible cause: Corruption or invalid user definition.
Solution: Check the logs to identify the cause. If the problem is persistent raise the issue with Microsoft support

Background history:
SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER reporting MP has discarded a report when processing Relay error after upgrading SCCM CB to 1702.
All the MP's are reporting similar error since the SCCM branch upgrade.

<InstallDIr>\SMS\MP\OUTBOXES\\bad folder contains thousands of badrelay XML files.

Reviewing MP_Retry.log file (Can be found  C:\Windows\ccm\logs on the server where MP is installed) shows;
instance of MpEvent_DiscardingInventoryReport
Mp Task: saved bad report as D:\SMS\mp\outboxes\\bad\badRelayZGERVQ7W.XML

The reason for this error is, this is the On Demand request as per MP_Location which causes the above error. These are generated for the Packages where On Demand distribution is enable.

To find out which packages configured with On Demand distribution is enabled, run the below query in SQL Management Studio, then look for  PKG_DISTRIBUTE_ON_DEMAND value is 1.

   (PkgFlags&0x40000000)/0x40000000 AS PKG_DISTRIBUTE_ON_DEMAND 
  dbo.v_Package pkg

Once you have identified and removed the on demand distribution, the error will stop and you can see the number of logs in bad folder gradually go away. It will take few days before the folder gets empty.


  1. Hi Venu,
    I had this issue after upgrading 1610 to 1702. the BAD folder kept generating the xml files and grew upto few hundred thousands.
    By running above query I have identified package on demand distribution (PKG_DISTRIBUTE_ON_DEMAND) was enabled on two packages. Removing / Unselecting this options resolved the issue.

    Now the question is, is there any permanent fix for this instead of de-selecting the option on the package?. My worry is we have various people does the package integration and if someone selects this option I may get the same issue again.
    Is there any hotfix or some other solution?

    Thank you,

  2. Agree with Rob above. I'm experiencing the same errors after upgrading from 1610 to 1702 and am in exactly the same boat except I have around 30 packages set for on demand distribution. Glad I have a way of removing the errors for the time being but can only be a temporary workaround.

    Let's hope MS acknowledge it and work up a hotfix sooner rather than later.


  3. Is there any relation between a corrupted hardware inventory record in D:\SMS\mp\outboxes\\bad\badRelayZGERVQ7W.XML with distribution manager component.?

  4. Hi - I keep getting

    Msg 208, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
    Invalid object name 'dbo.v_Package'.

    when ever I run the query - am I doing something "stupid" :)

  5. please ignore the above - PEBCAK :)