Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Download request only, Ignoring location update

Recently I have noticed one of my VM not getting one of the package. However, other machines are fine. 

The CAS.log says, Matching Local DP location found 0. Certainly, it looked like a Client issue.
Few things to check:
1. Make sure the latest package source is distributed to  a all the DP's
2. Restart the SMS Host Service on the problem PC
3. Check the clientlocation.log for any errors
4. Make sure to check the maintenance window available.

For my issue, I have updated the package source to all the DP’s and restarted the SMS Host Service on the client machine.
In less than a minute, the application started installing.


  1. It is happening intermittently it is downloading some of the computers of the same DP and some computers cas.log appears “Download request only, ignoring location update” text and wait for 5 min and then start download again.
    And some of the computers wait for long time abort it, that never happen, some time I reinstall the sccm client to fix this issue.
    But I need to find the micro level root cause why this is occurring, hope on SCCM 2012 we would not see this kind of issues.
    Otherwise SCCM is not deployment tool compare to other deployment tools in the market.

  2. some time I used to refresh the DP though it is downloading and installing on other computers of Same DP. it works some times.