Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Adding Report name and execution time to SCCM 2012 report subscription

When a report is scheduled in SCCM using email delivery as a report delivery method, it is nice to have the report name and date when the report is executed in the subject field. In this way, it will be easy if we ever want to go back and review all the reports or a specific report in the inbox.
To add the report name and the execution time stamp to the email subject;
          - Go to the desired report from SCCM Console
          - Open the properties of the report by right clicking on the report
         - Go to Subscriptions tab
         - Click Add, this will open Create Subscription Wizard window
         - Choose E-mail from Report delivered by:  dropped down menu
         - Fill in all the relevant fields as required
         - On the Subject filed type @ReportName executed at @ExecutionTime
         - Click Next and choose the scheduling option then complete the wizard
 When you get the scheduled report, the report will be similar to this;

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