Saturday, March 21, 2015

Microsoft Windows Connect Now

Windows Connect Now (WCN) is a Microsoft technology designed to address the need for a simple and more secure way to configure network devices and computers. In addition to easier device configuration, you can use Windows Connect Now to save wireless network settings to a USB flash drive and then plug that drive into computers so we can quickly and easily add them to a network.

To use WCN, we need compatible devices, basically look for Certified for Windows 7 ot Windows 8 on teh device packaging.

The Windows Connect Now has 4 options;

USB Configuration: We can put wireless network settings on a USB flash drive and then insert that drive into another computer or a WCN-compatible device such as a router or printer.

Wired (Ethernet) Configuration: Using an Ethernet cable, you can connect a router or access point to a computer running Windows, and then run a wizard to configure the router or access point. Once the device is configured, you can add additional devices to the network wirelessly.

Wireless Configuration: This is the same as Wired (Ethernet) Configuration, but without the cables.

Wireless Join a Network: We can connect to a wireless router or access point that is already configured.

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