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Part 1: Signup for Intune and Setup Intune for SCCM

Part 1: Signup for Intune and Setup Intune for SCCM
The first task in setting up Intune is to subscribe. Once we have Microsoft Intune subscription, then we need to configure Intune for mobile device management
1. Signup for Intune account for a free subscription at

2. Login to Intune account portal. This will log you on to your Intune account portal dashboard
 3. First on the account portal, verify and activate your public domain. To verify your public domain;
3.1 Select Domains on the left panel under Management and click on Add a domain on the
 3.2 This will navigate to Specify domain page.
       Enter your public domain name then click next on specify domain name window
 3.3 Get the details from the Verify Domain screen, this is to verify that you are the owner of the
       domain to access Microsoft Online Services for that domain. I have used the TXT records, as
       this  won’t impact any other services on my domain

3.4 Logon to your domain register, create a TXT record as advised in Intune Verify Domain name
      screen then wait for an hour or so. (Typically 5 min. will be sufficient)
 3.5 Also add the CNAME records to and as
 3.6  Make sure that the domain name is verified and activated before you process further.
3.7 If you have already activated your domain for any other Microsoft online services, you won’t be
      able to re-activate your domain before removing from other service and you will get has already been verified for your account or for another Microsoft Online 
      Services account. 
    To resolve this error, you need to remove the domain name from Microsoft Online Services then
     try again.
4. At this stage, if you check Mobile Device Management Authority it will be set to No authority set.
   DO NOT set the authority from Intune portal. Once the Intune connector is configured in SCCM it
   will set to Configuration manager automatically.
   If you set Mobile Device Management authority, it cannot be changed. To change Mobile Device
   Authority, you need to sign up for new Microsoft Intune subscription or call Microsoft support
5. Now go to Users under the Management on the account portal
   (, then click on Set up on the workspace
 5.1 This will start 'Set up and manage Active Directory synchronization' wizard
 5.2 Click on Active tab under Activate Active Directory synchronization
5.3 Click on Activate when prompted for Do you want to activate Active Directory Synchronization?
 5.4 Now you can see "Active Directory synchronization is activated" under Activate Active
       Directory synchronization

5.5 Download the Directory Synchronization tool for x64 and/or x86 package from the portal and
      save on the server where you will be running this tool later.

6. Now we can logout from the Microsoft Intune portal.

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