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SCCM 1602 update rollup KB3155482 installation step by step guide

When we have a new servicing update is available in SCCM console, we will be prompted A new update is available for Configuration Manager. You can view and enable available updates in the Administration workspace from the Cloud Services -> Updates and Servicing node.

To view the available update, go to \Administration\Overview\Cloud Services\Updates and Servicing

This time we have Configuration Manager 1602 Hotfix (KB3155482). This hotfix will show up in the console only after installing Configuration Manager 1602 update.

About hotfix KB3155482:
Update type: Update rollup
Applicable Product: System Center Configuration Manager 1602
Released on: 3rd June 2016
-     Remote Control fix on Windows Embedded
-          Incorrect built-in client policy update interval fix
-          SMS Executive service and Exchange Connector component issue fix
-          DBSchemaChangeHistory increases database size excessively fix
-          Microsoft Intune and MDM related fixes

After applying KB3155482 rollup update, the SCCM client version will be changed from 5.0.8355.1000 to 5.0.8355.1306.

Pre-Update tasks:
-          No pending system reboots are present
-          Hierarchy is healthy

Let’s Check the version numbers before applying the hotfix;
System Center Configuration Manager Version 1602
Console Version: 5.0.8355.1000
Site Version: 5.00.8355.1000

 The Primary site will show;
 Version: 5.00.8355.1000
 Build number: 8355

Applying hotfix KB3155482:
Initially the update status will show Downloading in SCCM console under \Administration\Overview\Cloud Services\Updates and Servicing node;

Once the download is completed, then the status will change to Available;

When the status changes to Available, right click on Configuration Manager 1602 Hotfix (KB3155482) under \Administration\Overview\Cloud Services\Updates and Servicing then click on Run Prerequisites check;

Once the prerequisites check passed successfully, Right click on Configuration Manager 1602 Hotfix (KB3155482) under \Administration\Overview\Cloud Services\Updates and Servicing then click on Install Update Pack;

Click next on the General window;

Select desired Client update options.
If we want to test the client package before updating the actual production package, then choose Validate in pre-production collection otherwise select Upgrade without validating.
Remember, if we choose Upgrade without validating, this will overwrite the existing client package.

Accept the License Terms then click next;

Review the summary of the update then click next;

Close the wizard when it completed successfully.

Once the configuration manager updates wizard is closed, if we check the status of the Configuration Manager 1602 Hotfix (KB3155482) under \Administration\Overview\Cloud Services\Updates and Servicing it will change from available to Checking prerequisites

At this stage, if we open the task manager, we can see cmupdate processor running;

After sometime the update status will change to Installed.

Once the update status changed to installed, go to top left corner of SCCM console and click the white down triangle then click on About Configuration Manager;

We will be prompted with “An update to the existing console is available (5.00.8355.1306). Click OK to close the console and install the console update now. Click Cancel to continue working with the existing console (5.0.8355.1000)”
Click OK to install the console update;

The console will be automatically closed if we click OK, then we will be prompted with UAC.
Click yes on UAC;

The Update package will start downloading the console update package;

The installer will start updating the console automatically;

We will receive a Console Setup Wizard completed message box.
Click finish on the Console Setup confirmation window.

Re-open the console and now the console version will show;
          System Center Configuration Manager Version 1602
          Console Version: 5.0.8355.1306
          Site Version: 5.00.8355.1000

Once the SCCM client is pushed and upgraded on the client devices, the version change will be showed in SCCM console as 5.00.8355.1306;

Post-Installation activities:
After successful completion of applying update rollup KB3155482 make sure that;
      - All the client devices client need to be upgraded to 5.0.8355.1306
Note: 1602 client should be deployed to the clients before applying the client package with  KB3155482
      - Manually upgrade the Configuration Manager consoles installed other than the site servers

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  1. Thanks for this guide I've been running around thinking something failed since my site version did not match the console version. But just to be safe the above screenshot is correct the site version does not increase but stays .1000 while console goes to 1306 with KB3155482 installed correct.