Saturday, January 14, 2017

SQL always on SCCM

Starting with ConfigMgr Current Branch 1602, we can use SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups to achieve HA for SCCM site server and site database.

Please note only site database is supported on AOAG, WSUS and reporting services database not supported.

Before configuring AlwaysOn Availability Group few key points to note;
- All replica's must have same version of SQL server
- All replica’s must have identical file path
- Only synchronous commit supported
- Must backup SQL database using SQL maintenance tasks for recovery (cannot use backup copies from site maintenance task)
- Availability group must have one primary replica and can have up to two synchronous secondary replicas
- Must configure at least one listener

Before using AlwaysOn Availability Group we have to prepare the SQL servers to use it.
In this blog post I have detailed how to configure and use AlwaysOn Availability Group with SCCM for HA. I have divided the whole procedure into different sections for better understanding.
The steps are as follows in an order;
1. Configure Windows Failover Cluster feature
2. Install SQL server (I have used SQL 2016)
    The installation guide is for SQL 2014, however most of the installation steps are the same.
3. Enable AlwaysOn availability feature
4. Change database backup to full then perform a full backup
5. Configure AlwaysOn Availability Group

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