Monday, July 22, 2013

How to Prestage Packages on a Branch Distribution Point

Microsoft already explained how to Prestage Packages on a Branch Distribution Point in below article.

However, above Microsoft article doesn’t explain everything. So here are the few easy steps to follow to make your branch distribution point up and running in no time.
1.       Create a Branch distribution point
2.       Create a simple package and distribute to the newly created BDP. So the package will create SMSPKG$ folder on the share. Personally I won’t prefer creating this folder manually for various reasons. So when we distribute the simple package, it creates the share on the BDP then copying the package.
3.       Copy all the packages to SMSPKG<driveletter>$ manually
4.       Run Branch Distribution Point Maintenance Task on the BDP
5.        Wait until Branch Distribution Point Maintenance task completes successfully
6.       On the SCCM Console distribute all the packages which we have manually copied to BDP
7.       Wait for some time then refresh the console and see the packages status. Some of the packages should have changed the status from Install Pending to Installed.
8.       You can run Package distribution status report from here

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