Friday, January 30, 2015

Using Non SMTP address in SCCM 2012 email notification

 I wanted to configure email alerts notification for my LAB ConfigMgr environment. However I don’t have Exchange server to connect. So I have to configure without SMTP address.
I have used my ISP’s outgoing mail address to create the email notification. Initially I had a doubt whether it will work or not. If we see technically it should and it worked 

To configure the email notification in SCCM 2012;
1. Go to \Administration\Overview\Site Configuration\Sites
From the ribbon on the top select Configure Site Components, from drop down list choose Email Notification.

2. This will open Email Notification Component Properties window
3. By default email notification for alerts is not enabled
4. To enable email notification
    1. Tick the box
    2. Enter the FQDN or IP Address of the SMTP server send email alerts
    3. Select SMTP Server Connection Account None (anonymous access)
    4. Enter Sender address for email alerts
    5. Test the email notification by clicking the Test SMTP Server
    6. Enter a valid email address then click on test email
    7. If the test is successful then you will get Testing email was sent successfully. Please check your 
   8. If the test email failed to deliver, you will get similar to connect to server failed

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