Wednesday, July 8, 2015

SCUP updates not showing in SCCM 2012

If you are implementing a new SCUP infrastructure you may have noticed that SCUP updates not showing in SCCM after the initial configuration. If you review SCUP.log (under %temp% directory) you will see PublishProgress: Publish operation completed msg.

The reason for SCUP updates won’t show up in SCCM 2012 is, the selected product may not be configured to sync in WSUS. That is why even though SCUP published updates to SCCM successfully, SCCM won’t be able to download the updates to show in the console.

To add a new product to WSUS Sync, go to Administration -> Site Configuration -> Sites:
From the top ribbon select Configure Site Components drop down then choose Software Update Point. This will open Software Update Point Component Properties. Go to Products Tab then choose the desired vendor for published application.

Now sync the WSUS and wait until the Sync is complete.
Once the Sync is complete, search for newly published updated in SCCM console. All the published updated should be now visible.

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